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Making an impact in your classroom

Do you struggle to teach ABCs and how to read, write and spell to your preschoolers?
Do you wish for a systematic way to plan and carry out the lesson?
Do you have a student who struggles to read and spell accurately despite being taught phonics?

In this course we will cover skills to teach reading, spelling and writing in detail. We also make sure that there is theory behind what are the building blocks of literacy. We delve into the understanding of dyslexia so that preschool teachers can help identify these children and do some early intervention if possible.

The content of the Multisensory Approach to Literacy Workshop is designed with preschool teachers in mind. An estimated 1 in 5 students in a typical classroom has dyslexia. We want to equip you with a deeper understanding of the symptoms of dyslexia so that you are able to identify a struggling reader in your preschool. You will receive invaluable insight into incorporating OG based elements into your lesson planning from our highly experienced trainers. You can help your preschoolers develop effective literacy skills and strategies to become confident learners as they enter primary school.

Based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach, the Multisensory Approach to Literacy Workshop is specially crafted to bring you through a logical sequence that leaves no gaps in the learning process. Best of all, the Orton-Gillingham Approach to teaching literacy skills benefits all types of learners—not just those who struggle.

What previous preschool educator say about our course:

“The content is hands-on and practical. I also found the instructions to be clear and precise. The sessions were well structured, and although we were on Zoom the entire day, the time went by really fast because the activities and exercises we had to do were so much fun. The best part of the training was receiving so many useful resources. You made things even easier by showing us how to put together everything we learned into an impactful lesson plan. I found the other reading programs available to be complicated and too advanced for our little preschoolers. This is why attending your MSL OG Preschool Workshop was one of the best learning experiences I had on Zoom this year.”

Yangree, Preschool owner and teacher

Further your skills to teach older children by attending additional workshops to cover all the areas in basic OG training.

2 full days, 9am to 5pm

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The course fee of $1200 includes all course materials and is the prerequisite for the OG Advance modules.

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  1. Building blocks of literacy, definition of dyslexia and symptoms of dyslexia in a preschooler
  2. Introduction to phonological and phonemic awareness
  3. How to teach phonemic awareness to preschoolers through activities and games:
    1. Rhyming
    2. Alliteration
    3. Phonological and phonemic segmentation
    4. Phoneme identification
    5. Phoneme manipulation
    6. Phoneme blending
  4. Letter-Keyword-Sound correspondence using a multisensory approach
  5. How to teach new phonograms
  6. How to teach handwriting using different mediums
  7. How to teach reading
  8. How to reach spelling
  9. Lesson planning
  • MSL OG Preschool Course Book
  • MSL Picture Deck
  • MSL Phonogram Deck
  • Learned Word Deck
  • Keyword Matching Deck
  • Alliteration Deck
  • Rhyming Deck
  • Blending Book
  • Laminated Writing Template
  • Laminated Scope and Sequence

  • Course fee $1200
  • Overseas participants $50
    Additional shipping cost for materials

Up to 70% SSG Funding and SkillsFuture credits eligible 

NTUC members can further use UTAP funding for up to 50% of unfunded course fees! (capped at $250 or $500 for NTUC members above 40) 

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