Auditory Processing/Encoding

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MSL Impact through Spelling Strategies for Dyslexics

Spelling can be daunting to a student who has no strategies in encoding a word. Using the OG Approach, equip yourself with techniques to help students master spelling at the single word, phrase, and sentence level. Students who understand the spelling system will develop an internal awareness of the sound to letters correspondence and hence able to spell effectively. Module 2 will provide you with complete and comprehensive instruction to plan an OG lesson for spelling and dictation in the most effective way possible.

Course Objective:
  1. Learn to teach spelling in a structured and multisensory way beyond the preschool level
  2. Learn to teach dictation
  3. Learn to plan an OG lesson for spelling, and dictation

“It was a delight attending the MSL course as the trainers were very engaging and experienced. They were readily answering questions that we may face and sharing their own personal experiences and teaching tips. Time was also well allocated for the trainers to teach us the OG method and for us to practise the skills we learnt through role playing within small groups. I find the role playing very useful as trainers will come into our groups to check on us and observe us to correct us where necessary. It was a well-paced comprehensive course from MSL and they do provide the materials of worksheets as well. I will definitely recommend others to attend it.”

Felicia Choo (Epworth Literacy Intervention Teacher)

4 Instructional hours

Upcoming Course Dates:
June & December 2024 Please click on sign up link to see dates or WhatsApp us for more information.

Auditory Processing/Encoding Coursebook

OG Preschool Course
As a prerequisite, you are required to attend the MSL-OG Preschool Workshop before being able to sign up for this module.
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