New Phonogram, Non-Phonetic Sight Words, Editing Skills

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MSL Targeting the Core

For decoding and encoding of words to take place, students must be taught phonograms explicitly. Module 3 is designed to help you effectively teach higher level phonograms, as well as their corresponding rules using the OG Approach, following a scope and sequence.

Also covered in this module is learning how to teach non-phonetic, or sight words using an alternative, multisensory method.

To cope with academic demands, a student who is well equipped with editing skills can gain independence in written tasks. You will learn a systematic and structured way of supporting students in minimising errors in their written work.

Course Objective:
  1. Learn the procedures to introduce new phonograms according to the scope and sequence
  2. Learn the procedures to introduce non phonetic sight words
  3. Learn how to teach spelling generalisations
  4. Learn how to teach homonyms
  5. Learn to teach editing skills when dictating sentences

“The OG training provided by MSL was comprehensive and useful for our work with students who experience learning difficulties. The physical materials were delivered promptly and were of good quality. Sufficient soft-copy materials in the form of worksheets and coursebooks were provided as well. The MSL trainers were very helpful in facilitating break-out rooms, which also gave participants several opportunities to practice the various OG skills and concepts.”

Krystin Foo (Epworth Literacy Intervention Teacher)

4 Instructional hours

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Module 3 Coursebook
Introduction of New Phonogram Worksheets
Spelling Generalisation Worksheets
Homophone Matching Cards

Multisensory Approach to Literacy
As a prerequisite, you are required to attend the Multisensory Approach to Literacy (OG) Workshop before being able to sign up for this module.
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