Spelling Rules and Generalisations

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MSL Getting the Spelling on Track

Why is the word ‘pick’ not spelled ‘pic’ or ‘pik’?

To help your students unravel the mystery of selecting the correct phonograms for spelling, equip yourself with the knowledge of spelling rules and generalisations for proficient reading and writing. Learn to develop your students’ understanding and internalisation of these rules and generalisations to minimise spelling errors in their written work. You will find that the components of Module 5 tie in with the course content from Modules 1 to 4.

“Kimberly and her team have excellent content knowledge and were able to share their immense experience in dealing with children with early literacy challenges.”

Allison, teacher of preschool children

Course Objective:
Learn how to teach:

  1. Suffix adding rules
  2. FLOSS rule, final /k/, /j/, /ch/ rule
  3. consonant-le rule
  4. soft c and soft g rule

4 Instructional hours

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Spelling Rules and Generalisations Coursebook
Spelling Rules and Generalisations Worksheets

Multisensory Approach to Literacy
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