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MSL-OG Preschool Workshop Overview

Enabling Preschool Teachers

MSL-OG preschool workshop caters to preschool teachers to help them in the classroom, and also to parents who want to teach their own children.

This course also serves as a foundation course for special education professionals who wish to be trained in the Orton-Gilllingham Approach.

In this course we cover multisensory skills to teach reading, spelling and writing; we also make sure that there is theory on the building blocks of literacy. We delve into the understanding of dyslexia so that preschool teachers can help identify these children and do some early intervention if possible.

For parents, having armed with this knowledge of dyslexia, it will help them look out for signs and symptoms in their children and seek help early. 

For educators looking at furthering their skills in Orton-Gillingham Approach to teach older children, we devised 6 additional workshops to cover all the areas in basic OG training.

  • Decoding
  • Encoding
  • Introduction of new phonograms and learned words (higher level)
  • Spelling Rules
  • Syllabication
  • Lesson planning for different age group and ability