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Our Story

Here is what Drives MSL

Our training is now conducted via Zoom! Participants from all over the world can now join us easily.

Covid has thrown a spanner into our many years of training work and through much brainstorming and thinking, the team at MSL Centre devised a way to continue this training with the same efficacy as in classroom training through detailed planning, rewriting of the program so that more and more people can continue to benefit from the Orton-Gillingham Approach, despite not being able to travel. We continue to build in practice among participants via small groups with intense supervision by senior therapists of MSL Centre.

Our belief is that if Orton-Gillingham which is multisensory and systematic works to teach dyslexics who struggle with reading and writing, how much better would it be for kids who do not have this disability.

You will be seeing the child reading and writing faster than ever, picking up the skills which are fundamental to literacy.

We have devised the program and split it up into 2 separate sections :

MSL OG Preschool and 6 intensive followup workshops.