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As a parent, I worry about my child’s ability to read. Attending the preschool workshop has given me much insight into literacy. Along with the resources and materials provided, I feel that I am now better able to work with my child. I am also very grateful for the advice and support provided by MSL to calm an anxious parent like myself!

- Jimmy, father of a preschooler

Thank you so much for a very informative and beneficial course. I will definitely 'test' out the principles at my centre. Will direct more preschool leaders and teachers to take up this course.  In the meantime, stay safe and continue to stay the course for these learners with a learning difference!

- Mrs Ang-Oh Chui Hwa (ECDA Fellow, Principal of Far Eastern Kindergarten)

The most useful thing I learn in this workshop was a systematic way to break down the teaching of reading skills into small bite size lessons that are fun and yet target the different skills required to read, spell and attain literacy.

- Andrea, mother of 4

The teaching by the trainers were clear, and they provided many useful tips for the use of OG in the context of Singapore. I appreciated the group practice and sharing sessions as I find the feedback from people of varied occupations valuable.

- Amanda Koh (Epworth Literacy Intervention Teacher)

Kimberly and her team have excellent content knowledge and were able to share their immense experience in dealing with children with early literacy challenges.

- Allison, teacher of preschool children

The content is hands-on and practical. I also found the instructions to be clear and precise. The sessions were well structured, and although we were on Zoom the entire day, the time went by really fast because the activities and exercises we had to do were so much fun. The best part of the training was receiving so many useful resources. You made things even easier by showing us how to put together everything we learned into an impactful lesson plan. I found the other reading programs available to be complicated and too advanced for our little preschoolers. This is why attending your MSL OG Preschool workshop was one of the best learning experiences I had on Zoom this year.

- Yangree, Preschool owner and teacher

You and your team did a great job with the zoom training. The flow was so smooth and the breakout rooms made it so much easier for participants to ask questions and discuss with both the trainers and other participants too. Thank you so much to all of you for all your patience when it comes to answering my never-ending questions, and always giving such detailed and easy to understand explanations. Thank you so much for the effort your team has also put in when it came to making all the great materials for the course. Am definitely looking forward to try and put into practice what I’ve learnt from you in my work soon.

- M.Y., Behavioural Therapist

The breakout room for practice of how to implement the training is very good and we do have time to ask more in-depth questions… I think the workshop is excellent!

- Speech & Language Therapist from Hong Kong

The principal trainer is an excellent teacher-cum-facilitator. She was very professional in conducting the course.  She was able to dissect a highly specialized subject into simple, easy to understand, takeaways. The course has equipped me with a life-long skill to teach my child phonological awareness from its principles-based approach.

- Victor, father of 1 preschooler

Thank you for an interesting and informative course. I appreciate your well organised modules and knowledgeable, kind trainers. I am looking forward to putting everything into practice this coming school year.

- S., International school teacher

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