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Epworth Literacy testimonials :

As a literacy intervention service provider, over the years, Epworth Literacy’s pool of Literacy intervention teachers underwent training in the Orton-Gillingham Approach by MSL Consultancy Pte Ltd.In 2020, due to Covid-19 pandemic, MSL has brought its training course online and here are some of our literacy intervention teachers’ testimonials.


I am thankful to have had the privilege of attending an online session. I found the training to be quite rigorous and certainly liked the idea of breakout rooms where participants could practise the skills taught under the watchful eyes of the trainers. The small grouping in breakout rooms gave the participants opportunities to seek clarifications when in doubt. The training materials and resources were also updated and I hope that MSL will continue to work on the materials for a complete teaching resources that covers all the sounds on the scope and sequence. Do keep it going!

- Anne Chua (Epworth Literacy, Asst Mgr)

The training as a whole was well-structured and broken down neatly into the various components of OG. This made it easy for us to follow the procedures for teaching the components.
The teaching by the trainers were clear, and they provided many useful tips for the use of OG in the context of Singapore. I appreciated the group practice and sharing sessions as I find the feedback from people of varied occupations valuable. I look forward to an update on the materials to cover all the sounds in the scope and sequence, for greater alignment between the materials and the scope and sequence.

- Amanda Koh (Epworth Literacy Intervention Teacher)

The trainers are skilled in imparting their knowledge of OG approach. Although it would have been better if it was conducted in the centre instead of over zoom. (although I fully understand the constraints due to COVID safe management measures). They are patient in answering our queries and guiding us through the process with breakout rooms to practice and hone our skills in smaller groups. The resources, like worksheets, module notes, flash cards (alliteration, rhyming, baby deck, primary deck) that were given to us were useful and relevant.
Thank you so much, this opportunity of training helps to grow my skills and knowledge so that I am more confident in teaching my students.

- Seok Hwa (Epworth Literacy Intervention Teacher)

The training is pretty well-structured, trainers tried their best to make do with whatever they could do (via Zoom). There was always time allocated to make sure that any questions were addressed.
Trainers are knowledgeable and friendly and it made the entire experience more smooth sailing and less daunting as they were always willing to share tips/their experiences with participants.

- Pei Ying (Epworth Literacy Intervention Teacher)

It was a delight attending the MSL course as the trainers were very engaging and experienced. They were readily answering questions that we may face and sharing their own personal experiences and teaching tips. Time was also well allocated for the trainers to teach us the OG method and for us to practise the skills we learnt through role playing within small groups. I find the role playing very useful as trainers will come into our groups to check on us and observe us to correct us where necessary. It was a well-paced comprehensive course from MSL and they do provide the materials of worksheets as well. I will definitely recommend others to attend it.

- Felicia Choo (Epworth Literacy Intervention Teacher)

The OG training provided by MSL was comprehensive and useful for our work with students who experience learning difficulties. The physical materials were delivered promptly and were of good quality. Sufficient soft-copy materials in the form of worksheets and coursebooks were provided as well. The MSL trainers were very helpful in facilitating break-out rooms, which also gave participants several opportunities to practice the various OG skills and concepts.

- Krystin Foo (Epworth Literacy Intervention Teacher)

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