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MSL Learning to Read and Spell Longer Words

Many students often struggle with reading and spelling multisyllabic/longer words. Hence it is important to teach syllable types and syllabication patterns in order for struggling students to overcome this difficulty. Module 4 will introduce you to these exciting new components that you can include in your OG lesson.

Course Objective:
  1. Learn to teach the 6 different syllable types
  2. Learn to teach different types of syllabication patterns for reading
  3. Learn to teach spelling of multisyllabic words
  4. Learn when to incorporate syllabication in an OG lesson

“The breakout room for practice of how to implement the training is very good and we do have time to ask more in-depth questions… I think the workshop is excellent!”

Speech & Language Therapist from Hong Kong

4 Instructional hours

Syllabication Coursebook
Syllabication Worksheets

OG Preschool Course
As a prerequisite, you are required to attend the MSL-OG Preschool Workshop before being able to sign up for this module.
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